We are Dalbir & Rotimi. Sikh and Dread, the photographers of S&D Studio London.

What do we do?

We create photographic art with our hearts and souls.

Why do we do it?

Photography is not a job for us. we do this purely out of the love of Capturing the most beautiful and special moments in peoples lives.

Photography is often an after thought when planning weddings. Of course, there is the venue, the caterers, the flowers, the entertainment to contend with, but how do we know 10, 20, 30 years later that an event actually happened? .....By being captured in stunning imagery which evokes the emotions and memories for generations to enjoy.

Yes some may say "we have our memories". And yes that is absolutely true. But do you have the memories of the parts you did not see through your own eyes? The other stories of dear family members and friends. The answer to this would probably be no. You Remember what you experience yourself.

Our role is to capture all the stories, the emotions, the love, the joy, the sadness but to capture these moments with the awareness that this may be the first time you have met someone, the last time you may see someone, the last time a father sees his daughter as single women, the first marriage in your families. We know how important this all is Because we feel it on the day. We experience these emotions with you. Its a powerful and most rewarding experience for us too and we are honoured when we are Chosen for this this most precious of tasks.

How do we do it?

Our photography consists of a mixture of fashion inspired, editorial and documentary styles.

Each and every wedding has a unique vision created for our dear clients. based on their, Personalities, their likes and dislikes, what they inspired by, what makes them tick. We gather this through consulting with our clients, building Relationships, friendships., sharing ideas and concepts.

And out of this come a unique Recipe like no other.

"crafting your Love Story & creating a photographic record of your life" - 37Frames

We also specialise in high end fashion editorial, fine art portraiture and Events.

we have produced work for fashion publications, worked with Prominent fashion and lifestyle blogs and various high end brands.

We have won numerous awards for the most Prestigious photographic organisations in the world.

Why you should chose us?

All of the above :-)

Please contact us to realise your vision and your personal consultation.

You can use Our Get in Touch form, email at info@sikhanddread.com or call 07432 095577 / 07956 183138