What is your pricing

All of our wedding photography collections are uniquely created for each of our clients. We have clients who spend £1750 and some who spend £8000. A typical client spends around £3500-£4500.

Is there a minumim number of hours you cover for a wedding?

Yes, the minimum number of hours we cover for the actual wedding day is 8 hours.

When do we get our wedding photos?

We aim to provide all of your edited images on an online gallery within 12 weeks. In peak wedding season this can sometime take a little longer but we would keep you fully updated on progress. We also aim to provide your inital album design at this point.

How do we pick images for the wedding album?

The wedding album is the absolute pinnicle of what we produce and the legacy of your wedding. On the wedding day we always have the album in mind when we are photographing. We visualise potential album spreads and pages as we shoot. For example, when photographing the brides details we would ensure we take a set of images which would potentially make up an album spread. The same with portraits. Spreads will be made up of complimentary images which follow the story of the day. Rather than handing over 1000+ images to you and then asking you to select we would take this onerous task from you and provide an inital design. You will then have the opportunity to work with us to make any changes and refine as we go along.

What is your style of wedding photography?

Timeless, Sophisticated Photojournalistic Images With Stylish Fashion Editorial Portraiture.

Do you provide wedding video services?

We specialise in photography. We partner with companies who offer high end video servces. We would be happy to put you in touch or liaise on your behalf if you prefer. We would also be more than happy to work alongside a video company you may have booked yourselves.

Do we have full usage of the wedding images?

You have full liecene to use the images as you wish. The only restriction is that you are not able to use the images commercially. As the photographers, we hold the copyright to the images and you have license to use the images and described apart from commercial use. In short you, you can not sell on the images to any other company. This is the standard in the industry.

Where can you travel to? Do you do desination weddings?

We can travel anywhere in the world to cover your events. If you have a requirement for a destination wedding we would be most happy to provide you with a bespoke wedding collection which will accommodate your recquirement.

What do we need to do to finalise the wedding booking?

To finalise a booking and have your dates confirmed we woudl require a 50% booking fee and a signed contract. This will secure your dates.

What is the payment plan?

Our usual payment plan would be 50% of the total on booking, 25% 90 days before your first event and the final 25% 4 weeks before your first event.

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