London Wedding Photographer @ The Rose, Albert Embankment - Natalie & Jason

Most of our clients are looking for Asian wedding photography but also being London wedding photographers we love the diversity here and that we get the opportunity to photograph many fusion weddings. We continually strive to be the best wedding photographers we can be.

To experience the mix of cultures and traditions is truly wonderful! With Natalie being from New Zealand and Jason born in London it is great to see how love covers all distances and brings people together from all walks of life.

It was a refreshing experience covering a smaller and more intimate wedding reception than we are used to in central London. The Rose was the perfect wedding venue for this event.  Predominantly photographing the big fat Asian weddings this made a nice change for us. We were able to interact with everyone individually and we became part of the event. It did help that Jason is a childhood school friend of one of ours and there were many faces from the past which was delightful.

Photographing weddings of any size we always experience the strong emotions that weddings evoke. Two families are joined to become a bigger family around a couple in love. It really is a wonderful thing. We always feel privileged when we are asked to photograph these events. We ensure we capture all the details on the wedding day too as we know how much effort the couple usually puts into the wedding planning.

Whatever the size of the wedding our photography remains stylish, contemporary, sophisticated and most of all being documentary photography, storytelling in its nature. The stories are the good stuff! These are what lives with us through the generations and becomes family history. We feel it really is very special indeed.

We wish Natalie and Jason the very best for the future together and also extend our greetings to all their close family and friends both local and international for making us feel so welcomed and part of the family.

We love being wedding photographers in London!