Saira & Innocent - Fusion Wedding @ St Mary's Church, Handsworth and Ramada Hotel, Sutton Coldfield

What can we say? Well....WOW! comes to mind! What an amazing wedding!!! 

This was a wedding full of colour, emotion, a fusion of cultures, deep-rooted religious beliefs, amazing dancing, fun, family connections, it had it all!

Our job of trying to be the best wedding photographers we can be, starts with and from our perspective the most important thing, 'The Storytelling'

We can create beautiful editorial shots or wonderful shots of the wedding couple but capturing the essence and emotion of the wedding, this is the good stuff.

Saira, a devout Christian of Indian origin and Innocent, a devout Christian originally from Zimbabwe. It was a great pleasure to have met these two wonderful beings and an honour to have been selected to be their wedding photographers.

From the offset, we knew this was going to be a great experience. Both families were wonderful and it was a pleasure being around them.

From the church ceremony to the reception everything went beautifully. Although this was a fusion of two cultures, we actually noticed the commonalities rather than the differences. It really was the union of two people in love and two families becoming one. 

Here is the video trailer by, The Video Hub.

Images from the Wedding are below

The team on the day

Cinematography - The Video Hub

Photography - SikhandDread